Create a RocksDB on Rust

Hi all, i terrinbly need help. I started to work with RocksDB on Rust and cant find any info what libs do i have to mention in dependencies, why and what for. Githubs examples are huge and unclear for me, is there any step by step manual how to work with RocksDB on Rust?

There’s the rocksdb crate: rocksdb - Rust

It’s hard to tell what exactly you’re having issues with though.

Thank you Sir. I guess i have to use rocksdb="0.8.2" in [dependencies]. I
will try it out later, after i finish the theory on rocksdb. There is quite
a piece of information there. It might take a while.

Sir, unfortunately it doesnt work. I ve tried almost everything i could find in the net, but still cant compile even a hw project. i terribly want to know how to include a rocksdb library to have a chance to operate with it in my rust project. The funniest thing is that i cant even #include it in the VS just to practice the theory.