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I am so new to Rust that I can barely spell it, so I am reaching out to the community for a little help. I am writing a sysrc (updates the rc.conf file) type application for NetBSD in Rust. I already have it working in Python, so I have a template to follow. During my "journey" I wanted to check the OS and version number. I added os_type to my Cargo.toml file; however, BSD is not included... yet. I forked the project and started hacking away. Here's my question, can someone point me to a "how to" on using and test local crates?

  1. Building a crate
  2. Adding the local, newly built crate to my Cargo.toml file

Thank you in advance.

Hand holding is not necessary, but it won't be rejected either. :grinning:

If it's a direct dependency, you can specify a path to your fork instead of the version. To override indirect dependencies, see this section:

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There's no step 1.

Unlike C, you don't build dependencies before using them. Cargo wants to be given Rust dependencies in form of Cargo projects with source code, not compiled libraries.

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