Crates maintained by the Rust Project

Today I saw announcement about regex 1.9 and one thing caught my attention:

The regex crate is maintained by the Rust project and is the recommended way to use regular expressions in Rust.

Is there any list of "official" crates? Or maybe this is the only one?

AFAIK, all official Rust project repos can be found in the rust-lang organisation on GitHub. Other official crates would be futures and libc, for example. Or even better, you can look at the crates on that are owned by the rust-lang-owner account.


Note that being maintained by rust-lang does not necessarily mean they're the best crates or even the best maintained crates. Sometimes they are there simply for historical reasons (e.g. rustc used them before there was an alternative).

That said, the regex crate is currently developed and maintained by burntsushi so no worries there.


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