What to do about abandoning crates?

I have a crate or two on that I am no longer maintaining and they are incomplete. I'll still keep them up, in case someone needs to use it (it's not like I could get rid of it anyway). However, how would someone who has made a mistake like me do to "pass on" the crate to someone else? Is there any official way to give up a crate name?

Crate deletion by their owners is not possible to keep the registry as immutable as possible. If you want to flag your crate as open for transferring ownership to others, you can publish a new version with a message in the README or description communicating to the support team that you consent to transfer the crate to the first person who asks for it:

I consent to the transfer of this crate to the first person who asks for it.

Keep in mind that the new owner might develop your crate in a way you never intended it, or might completely repurpose your crate. Transferring the crate to a malicious user could have a significant impact for any existing users of your crate.

Or read the rest of the Package Ownership section if you're uncomfortable with that.