I came into Rust from a Ruby world.
In a Ruby world there is Rubygems. It has webhooks mechanism which allow you to be notified on library updates.
I used this webhook to build a simple system that notified me in Slack whenever a newer version of library I used was published.

It is very home-level project and it works like the following:

  • There is simple API to upload Gemfile.lock file (analog of Cargo.lock)
  • Dependencies and their versions are being fetched from the file and stored into database
  • Once the app receives a request via webhook it compares version and notifies me if a newer version is published.

So, the whole thing is my home-level Gemnasium (which was acquired by GitLab) :slight_smile:

I would like to build something similar for my Rust apps.
I believe it would allow me to stay up to date.
And maybe I could make this general enough to be useful for others

As far as I can see doesn’t have webhooks.
Is there any API I could use to check for updates by myself?
Or maybe there are similar projects already?
Please, tell what do you think about that?

Thank you.

All crate updates are pushed to the index on GitHub: so I presume you could use the GitHub API to watch for changes and fire updates based on that.

Just for knowing what’s up to date there’s

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Thanks @kornel, sounds interesting!

We have wanted to add better APIs to, if that might be something you’d be interested in working on, we should talk!

I definitely don’t mind to discuss :slight_smile:
Though I am not sure I am smart and experienced enough to work on such things :man_shrugging: