Crates for running async channels on TCP

I have a handful of async channels that I want to make available over TCP. The protocol doesn't truly matter to me, as long as its fast. I can implement my own by following Tokio's mini-redis (they implement it), but I'm actually looking for a crate that may be able to do this for me. I imagine the perfect syntax would be along the lines of:

// Create an unbounded channel.
let r, s = async_channel::unbounded();

// Send it to the magic TCP creator
tcp_create(&r, &s, "://address").await?;

// We can still use r and s

// But we, as well as other programs, can communicate over TCP
let tcp_r, tcp_s = tcp_connect("://address")?;

P.S.: is there another forum tag I should use when the topic is searching for crates?

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