Crater runs between rustc releases?

Since upgrading to stable 1.9 I've run into the same ICE twice on two unrelated crates that previously compiled on stable 1.8. I did anticipate the switch to MIR might be a rocky period and that I'd probably run into something considering the number of crates I'm maintaining. However, it does have me a little worried for other rustaceans who don't track the internals of the compiler and who just expect a working stable release.

This has me wondering, are there consistent crater runs between rustc releases? i.e. an automated run a week before each release cycle or something similar? If so, are their results publicly available somewhere? Perhaps it could be useful to link to a crater run with the release notes for each release?

I realise it's not realistic to catch absolutely everything, and that there's a good chance I just got unlucky with 1.9! This is the first time I've ever had a big issue with ICEs since working on the stable branch and I greatly appreciate the consistency so far :slight_smile:

Except MIR has not been enabled yet, so this must be unrelated.

You must be talking about this issue and it is now marked as a regression, which should up its priority.

Crater does not attempt to compile or run tests, so the ICE in examples would not have been found by crater.