Crate rialight::localization

I've made several changes to some localization crates I did earlier and unified them into rialight_localization (GitHub). Now:

  • A few more common language codes that omit region will auto fill their region. For example, en maps to en-US.
  • Many <S: ToString> bounds have been replaced by s: impl AnyStringType.
  • Naming convention changes (now the main localization structure is called LocaleBundle).
  • LocaleBundleLoadMethod::FileSystem now uses rialight::filesystem, which means you can now use, for example, an app: URL to refer to application installation resources.

Little things:

  • I could not find data for retrieving native name from countries or regions. Currently only international name can be retrieved from countries or regions.

There's still no support for currency, collation, plurals and number formatting. I think the Fluent crate supports these, but I'm not sure how I could make use of Fluent in this crate.

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