Crate of the Week

cfg-if: A if/elif-like macro for Rust #[cfg] statements

eva: A basic calculator REPL

rust-type-freak: Collection of typed data structures, trait operators and aliases

Watt, a WebAssembly runtime for procedural macros, to shorten compile times and provide isolation and determinism.

Thanks to @dtolnay !


Grubbnet, a TCP client/server library for networked applications and games. It's the first open source crate I have released, thought I'd mention it here!

cookie-factory: serialization library built with a combinator design similar to the nom parser combinators library

stacktraceflow: Visualization and navigation tool for StackTraceFlow data

displaydoc: A derive macro for implementing the display Trait via a doc comment and string interpolation


ffizer is a files and folders initializer / generator. Create any kind (or part) of project from template(s). Useful to bootstrap or update a project.


easy-ext and extend allow you to create extensions for types you don't own with extension traits but without the boilerplate!

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cargo-hack allows you to workaround various cargo limitations


thiserror — a minimal derive helper for implementing useful std::error::Error.


Ldap3 is a great library if you have to work with LDAP or Active Directory. Bonus: the library author was very responsive and helpful when I had questions about how to use certain features and that was much appreciated.


ultraviolet: This is a crate to do basic, computer-graphics-related, linear algebra, but fast, by taking full advantage of SIMD


memfs: In-memory filesystem in Rust

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sorted-vec: A sorted array with O(lg n) access and O(√n) inserts and deletes

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wasmer: standalone embeddable JIT WebAssembly runtime supports WASI


macrotest: automatically test macro expansion with cargo-expand

rudr: A Kubernetes implementation of the Open Application Model specification

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scriptisto: A language-agnostic tool to write one-file scripts in compiled languages or languages thare require expensive pre-validation (Typed Python), dependecies fetch or binary builds in Docker.

Just a really nice tool that extends your vim foo && chmod +x foo && ./foo experience.

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