Crate of the Week

vxdraw: Fast 2D rendering library for Rust, based on gfx-hal

debug-here: a cross platform rust debugger hook

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pin-project for safe and ergonomic pin projections!


cmd_lib : to write shell-script like tasks in a clean, natural and rusty way!

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Bastion: Fault-tolerant runtime for Rust applications.

I'd like to renominate algebraics for next week.


tonic: A native gRPC client & server implementation with async/await support.

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csv-groupby: Do select-group-by on csv and other text files

iter-python-rs: Python generator expressions and 'list' comprehensions
(This was mentioned before by @Yandros but not suggested yet)

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match_cfg: Convenience macro for defining items depending on large number of #[cfg]s

spotify-tui - A Spotify client for the terminal written in Rust.


Anyhow - Another option for simple idiomatic error handling in Rust.


cfg-if: A if/elif-like macro for Rust #[cfg] statements

eva: A basic calculator REPL

rust-type-freak: Collection of typed data structures, trait operators and aliases

Watt, a WebAssembly runtime for procedural macros, to shorten compile times and provide isolation and determinism.

Thanks to @dtolnay !


Grubbnet, a TCP client/server library for networked applications and games. It's the first open source crate I have released, thought I'd mention it here!

cookie-factory: serialization library built with a combinator design similar to the nom parser combinators library

stacktraceflow: Visualization and navigation tool for StackTraceFlow data

displaydoc: A derive macro for implementing the display Trait via a doc comment and string interpolation