Crate for ttf -> triangle mesh?

  1. I know that the standard way to render Fonts in OpenGL is to (1) take a font, (2) rasterize it, (3) build a signed-distance-field, (4) use a shader to render the signed distance field at runtime.

  2. I am also aware that GitHub - RazrFalcon/ttf-parser: A high-level, safe, zero-allocation TrueType font parser. allows us to do ttf -> border of ttf, expressed in lines / quadratic bezier curves.

  3. What I'm asking for is if there is any library that does ttf -> list of triangles, where the list of triangles tesselates the interior of the font. The thing here is that I want triangles whose area unions to the interior of the font, rather than curves representing the border of the font.

  4. It is okay to approximate the bezier curves as one or two line segments.


lyon + a ttf parser

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