Crate for reading and wring excel files

I am writing a small rust program that will read all data from many small excel files (.xls or .xlsx) and will combine all these excel files data in one RESULT file (.xlsx)

I will also be writing some additional values to the RESULT. What is the best rust crate that handles both reading and writing to excel files?

My required functionality is:

  • Reading excel files
  • Writing excel files
  • Reading a rage of excel file
  • Writing in a range of excel file
  • Get the sheet name
  • Get non empty cell of the worksheet

I've never used the xlsx writer, so I can't say much about it.

But I've use calamine to read a huge xlsx with multiple sheets that almost can't be fully read at one time due to the memory limit, and luckily calamine can read it by row :smile:
But recently I found calamine fails to read a xls generated by Apache POI. I can open it with LibreOffice though. So I don't know where it goes wrong. I turned to the alternative csv version for the same data ultimately.


We do not have one crate that can both read and write?

Check calamine

2 Likes Rust Package Registry is very actively developed and both reads and writes

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