Crate for generating png normal maps?

Is there a crate that can generate a normal map from a jpg texture image ( not stereo)?

I could find a crate that does it from a heightmap but nothing else.

Anything I missed?


If not from a height map, where do you want to get the height information? An ordinary image does not contain any.

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A color texture doesn't have explicit data about the depth/shape of the texture. There are some machine learning projects that try to guess normals based on an image, but it's not a simple task.

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Thanks guys, I will keep using the code I have for this then.


I'm curious, how is the current code doing it? Any specific tool or algorithm? Knowing more about what you would want to be able to do may help us finding what you are looking for.

it is an in-house solution but I essentially wanted to know if I missed a crate doing this as well.
it's approximative but it works if the inputs are not that complicated.

AI based.

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