Crate `charx` is looking for maintainers

charx provides char functions that can be used as a Pattern where the built-in char functions otherwise cannot. See and charx - Rust for details.

This is a pretty simple crate so it should not be a huge maintenance effort.

I could probably take it. I can’t find the repo though, what kind of maintenance is needed? Are there any open issues? Ideas for improvement?

we didn't make a repo when putting it on because it's such a simple crate. it really is just "track char::*(&self) -> bool and copy it to charx::*(char) -> bool". is there a way to get the code out of or should we make an actual repo?

Yes, you can download the .crate bundle and unpack it using tar, or you can fetch the source from your local cargo cache if you have used it. It differs a bit from the original source though. Some files may be omitted for example and Cargo.toml is machine generated. (Cargo.toml.orig contains the original file)

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You can also get the files from

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If this request is still open, I can take over. This looks like the perfect small maintenance piece for me.

git clone is the repo, let us know if you want the crate. (not sure how to do the crate stuff tho.)

Thank you.

I have downloaded and set it up on github. I will shortly add automatic compilation and other bells and whistles to it.

Meanwhile, if you want to transfer the crate, you can go to the settings page of and add me as an owner. That will allow me to get publish access to it. My username is AliSajid.

Thank you so much for entrusting me with this.


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