Cranko 0.4.0: a release automation tool, now with Python support

Cranko is a release automation tool that enables a novel workflow that I call just-in-time versioning. The latest release, 0.4.0, adds support for repos containing Python projects, to go along with existing support for Rust and NPM projects.

I created Cranko because, after many years of being dissatisfied with my release workflows, I think I finally came up with a sound approach. I've found it hard to convey in writing just why I think it's such a big deal, so: here's a video!

I hope it helps give a sense as to what Cranko's all about. For more info, check out the docs or the repo on GitHub.

(You might notice from the release notes that Python support was added in the 0.3 series, not 0.4, but Python support is the most interesting new feature since I last posted about this project here.)


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