Could you clear my confusion to start with Rust

Helo word!
I was so sure that I will start serious by learning with rust so I spend few of my days observing rust in general. So impressed and on digging more I got something that made me doubt If rust is really well suited for me.
As background I can say I have somehow good grasp of programming in general. I have been writing toy projects since 3 years but that all was just not that serious writing. However that really helped me writing code and reading. I have been writing in c++ and js if I wanted to develop some websites. And now I want to start serious with aim of system programming or security field may be
Rust is really impressive. Official learning resource 'The rust programming language' is actually worth the praise. Lack of dynamic linking and related ABI stability as well as rust programmers filled survey that they are more biased towards web made me ask this. So what do you recommend me if I am good to go with rust so that it give contribution to my goal as I mentioned above.
You can also say 'Programming language don't matter' I can agree but I think Its time for me to get some real tools in my kit. What would you say to someone like me?

I always find the best way to learn a creative skill like programming is to actually make something. Your aim is to develop skills related to "system programming or security field may be," so choose a project in one of those fields and make a start on it.

The proportion of Rust projects representing a particular field isn't really a meaningful measure: Lots of people are interested in web-related software, so lots of web-related software will be written in Rust. That doesn't speak one way or another to Rust's suitability for other programming domains.

This tends to not be an issue in practice for most applications. Dynamic linking is an artifact of times when memory and hard drive space were extremely constrained, and has a history of logistical problems. Using static linking by default means that a working Rust executable will continue to work in more situations than if it relied on dynamic linking, and is just one of Rust's design decisions.


Manually type in every example in Introduction - Rust By Example

By the end, you'll either love or hate the language.

Aaaha! That was some good approach easy to digest

I would like to add if I can. What can we say about the package hustle. Its quit hard to digest that I have to compile all deps locally and modifying a single deps need re-building of everything in reverse dependency too.
I am bit silly here and haven't wrote rust that much but I find it satisfying to ask in community

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