Could not compile `actix-rt`

Please help I have this error when executing cargo run, in cargo.toml I have
actix-web = "3"

error: could not compile actix-rt

Can you please provide some more details?

Thanks for answering, I am starting a project and I need to install actix-web, in charge.toml I have only

actix-web = "3"

when executing cargo run it generates the following error:

error [E0583]: file not found for module system
mod system;
error [E0432]: unresolved import crate :: system :: System
error: aborting due to 4 previous errors

error: could not compile `actix-rt

i have a ubuntu 20.04 operating system

I'm unable to reproduce this.

cargo init
cargo add actix-web
cargo check

executes without issue.

This is the complete error:

Would you mind uploading the repository as-is to GitHub? As I've said, I can't reproduce this with the information you've provided.

That's a pretty weird error. It sounds like some of the files in your download of actix-rt are missing. Try deleting your registry so they are downloaded again.

Greetings, It worked for me with this version.


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