Cookbook of Rust for developers coming from other languages


I think it would be a great idea to have a book or a tutorial focused on developers that come to Rust from other programming languages. It should be some kind of a cookbook that shows examples of typical code or design patterns in other languages, for example in Java, and equivalent code in Rust with a brief explanation. Also this cookbook should explain what programming techniques that are common in other programming languages are not good in Rust and what are their alternatives.

Rust is a restrictive language and it usually fights hard with an experienced rookie against his/her entrenched habits. Let’s make it a win-win game.


Not a real solution to your “problem”, but there is this:

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Also not a full solution to your problem :wink: This is a crate cookbook aiming to show typical programming tasks solved via usage of most popular libraries in an idiomatic way.

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I started one a long time ago: MIT, so feel free to fork and continue!

Thank you all.