Converting Tectonic C remnants to Rust - call for help

You might remember there is an amazing project Tectonic, aiming as a modern alternative/rewrite of TeX/LaTeX engine, exposed as a Rust crate. It was announced at this board before. But the core of it still uses C code. Someone stepped in and started a conversion to Rust using c2rust automated conversion tool. If anyone wants to help - you can always join the efforts and send a pull request to the corresponding repository. There is a list of issues that would welcome your help.


Just an update - seems there is a significant progress in the passed 10 days: Commits · crlf0710/tectonic · GitHub

Some major tasks would benefit from the external help:


A status update from the author:

Status update: Since then we've successfully manually converted all the remaining xetex c++/objc code into rust, now the oxidized version of tectonic can run successfully on windows/linux/mac. Unfortunately there are some nightly feature usages introduced by c2rust itself. We're still working on removing them to allow the crate to build on stable again.

We're also working using existing crates to replace the manual dependency specification. Any help is appreciated here!

They are progressing steadily, and now can build most of the arXiv set. You can see the repository of the testing framework for yourself. As usual there are many things anyone can help with:

If you want to discuss the project - you are welcome to join the Zulip chat room.


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