Consume stream without eternal blocking


I use a stream to consume HTTP SSE response, example code with websocket (this code fail just now because have a SSL problem) :

use async_std::task;
use futures_util::StreamExt;
use reqwest::{self, Method};

async fn job() {
    let response = reqwest::Client::new()
        .request(Method::GET, format!("wss://"))
    let mut stream = response.bytes_stream();
    while let Some(_) = {
        println!("Hello world")

fn main() {

In that code, job is blocking on while let Some(_) = {. I would like to be able to stop the loop if my application want to stop. I think to use a channel to send message. But, how can I consume the stream, and sometimes, for example if a timeout is reached, take a look into my channel to see if an interrupt request has been sent ?

Thanks in advance !

With Tokio you would be able to do something like this:

loop {
    tokio::select! {
        msg = => {
            println!("Got: {:?}", msg);
        _ = tokio::signal::ctrl_c() => return,

or you could abort the task remotely without changing job itself

async fn main() {
    let job_task = tokio::spawn(job);



I'm not sure how any of this translates to async-std, though I'm surprised that it works together with reqwest in the first place as reqwest is Tokio-specific.

Of course the ctrl_c signal above could be replaced with anything else, e.g. a tokio::time::sleep call.

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Thanks for your time, i will take a look on it !

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