Constructing a generic self

I'm trying to add some helpers to tabled, and there is something about Rust and generics that I don't seem to be getting. At all..

/// Row denotes a set of cells on given rows on a `Grid`
pub struct Row<R: RangeBounds<usize>>(pub R);

impl<R: RangeBounds<usize>> Row<R> {
    pub fn single(row: usize) -> Self {

And the error is

mismatched types
expected type parameter `R`
           found struct `std::ops::RangeInclusive<usize>`

The problem here is that the caller of single() gets to pick the type of R, but single() always produces a Row<RangeInclusive<usize>>. I imagine you want to make that the output type of the function, either on the impl block or on the function itself.


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