Confused by compilation error between rustc versions

Hi guys, I wrote a program which compiles and runs fine under rust 1.32. However this program solves a problem on the Timus online judge which only uses rust version 1.25, so when I submit the program to Timus I get a compiling error.

The significant part of the program is

fn main() {
    let mut index = BTreeSet::<Path>::new();
    let in_stream = stdin();    
    let mut paths_count_line = String::new();
    in_stream.read_line(&mut paths_count_line).unwrap();
    let stdin = stdin();
    let lines: Vec<String> = stdin.lock().lines().filter_map(|line| line.ok()).collect();        
    let splits: Vec<Vec<&str>> = lines.iter().map(|line| line.split("\\").collect()).collect();        
    for split in &splits{
        for path in Path::new(split) {
    for p in index.iter() {
        println!("{}", p);

where the Path struct is something like (I could post the entire code if needed)

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq)]
struct Path<'a> {
    components: &'a [&'a str],

impl<'a> Path<'a> {
    fn new(path:&'a Vec<&str> ) -> Vec<Self> {        
        let mut result = Vec::<Path>::with_capacity(path.len());
        for i in 0..path.len() {
            let slice = &path[0..(i + 1)];
            result.push(Path { components: slice });

The errors I got when timus compiles with 1.25 are:

error[E0597]: `lines` does not live long enough
   --> rknu43-wrtu6q:101:38
101 |         let splits: Vec<Vec<&str>> = lines
    |                                      ^^^^^ borrowed value does not live long enough
116 | }
    | - `lines` dropped here while still borrowed
    = note: values in a scope are dropped in the opposite order they are created

error[E0597]: `splits` does not live long enough
   --> rknu43-wrtu6q:106:27
106 |             for split in &splits {
    |                           ^^^^^^ borrowed value does not live long enough
115 |     }
    |     - `splits` dropped here while still borrowed
116 | }
    | - borrowed value needs to live until here

error: aborting due to 2 previous errors

Can somebody explain to me, how should I change the code in order to compile on rust 1.25?
Thank you!

In v1.31 Rust's borrow checker became smarter (added support for so-called non-lexical lifetimes), so it's able to understand that this program is OK. Older Rust versions are much more pedantic need workarounds.

Try creating index after creating splits.

That was the issue.
Thank you very much!