Confused about deploying rust and wasm project

Some context:
I'm trying to make a browser game using rust/wasm/js. The game will be played on the site I'm trying to create; so it won't be a seperate (e.g.) canvas (for now), it will depend on other html elements.
Of course I'd like to test this the same as you would test a JS project on the web: just save the files and use a localhost to test it.
My goal is to release the game/site to the www and share it with people so they can try it and play.
(I have no actual knowledge about servers and how to deploy my project to the public)

So my question is, since I have never deployed a JS project to the public as well:
Which deployment method do I chose, and what do these methods add to my project? I'd like to keep it as bare as possible, so little to no bloat.

Could someone further explain the following deployment methods?
Without bundlers; (this seems to me the way to go)

I cannot find something comprehensive as to what NPM, Webpack or Nodejs will add for me.

Any help is appreciated!

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