Conflicting implementations of trait with disjoint where bound

Any idea following not work?

#![feature(negative_impls, with_negative_coherence)]

enum Assert<const c: bool> {}
trait IsTrue {}
impl IsTrue for Assert<true> {}

trait IsFalse {}
impl IsFalse for Assert<false> {}

impl<T: ?Sized + IsTrue> !IsFalse for T {}
impl<T: ?Sized + IsFalse> !IsTrue for T {}

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq)]
struct Tensor<const R: usize>;

trait Module<const RHS: usize, const OUT: usize> {
    fn forward(&self, x: Tensor<RHS>) -> Tensor<OUT>;

struct Layer<const R: usize> {
    weight: Tensor<R>,

impl<const LHS: usize, const RHS: usize> Module<RHS, LHS> for Layer<LHS>
    Assert<{ LHS >= RHS }>: IsTrue,
    fn forward(&self, x: Tensor<RHS>) -> Tensor<LHS> {
        println!("impl 1: {} >= {}", LHS, RHS);

impl<const LHS: usize, const RHS: usize> Module<RHS, RHS> for Layer<LHS>
    Assert<{ LHS >= RHS }>: IsFalse,
    fn forward(&self, x: Tensor<RHS>) -> Tensor<RHS> {
        println!("impl 2: {} !>= {}", LHS, RHS);

fn main() {
    let l = Layer {
        weight: Tensor::<2>,

    let x1 = Tensor::<1>;
    assert_eq!(Tensor::<2>, l.forward(x1));

    let x2 = Tensor::<3>;
    assert_eq!(Tensor::<3>, l.forward(x2));


while this works playground

Presumably coherence doesn't understand that the const expression should act as-if it were a parameter itself. It would need to understand the two const expressions are equivalent.

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