Configuring Actix Web (HTTP Client) Manually?

Given that I'm already relying on the Actix Web Server for the project I'm working on, it feels quite tedious and unnecessary to introduce yet another library just to handle the client side.

Yet the Client of Actix, despite all of the bumps in the version, seems to behave as erratically as before: specifically, it refuses to establish new connections once the first request via URL has been fetched.

It appears that the issue might have a lot to do with DNS: bug: actix_web client unable to connect to any host on windows · Issue #1047 · actix/actix-web · GitHub

But I can't find anywhere how the DNS settings for the AWC are supposed to be configured.

Anyone can point out the right direction?

Well since client and server should be decoupled from one another, it only makes sense to keep separate code bases for them too.

DNS settings are generally somewhere in the network layer, which is below the application layer in the OSI model. As such, I'd expect any DNS-related issues to be either in your network/router, or in the config if the host you're using.
If it is a DNS issue, you can test for it by first trying to ping the normal hostname (which apparently doesn't work) and then pinging the IP address that the hostname is supposed to resolve to directly rather than the hostname. This takes DNS out of the equation.
If the latter step works while the former doesn't, it's indeed a DNS issue. Otherwise it's likely somewhere else.

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