Conditionally enabling a dependency feature for a specific OS

Having some trouble with enabling a specific feature only for a Linux build

The feature is defined here and used here

I tried to explicitly enable it for Linux and not for windows via

[target.'cfg(target_os = "windows")'.dependencies]
tray-item = { version = "0.8.0" }

[target.'cfg(target_os = "linux")'.dependencies]
tray-item = { version = "0.8.0", features = ["ksni"] }

But it still tries to compile it (and thus libdbus-sys that errors out) when on windows

Removing the Linux bit altogether causes a successful build

Could you try doing feature resolution with Cargo's new resolver by adding this to your Cargo.toml file:

resolver = "2"

and see if that fixes your issue?

Added it at the workspace level, seems to work!