Conditional compilation using compile-time logic?

Is it possible to perform conditional compilation on the basis of a compile-time constant? So, for example, in pseudocode:

const CONST: i32 = 3;

#[cfg(CONST > 4)]

If this isn't possible for arbitrary code, is it possible for the implementation of a given type (e.g., along the lines of impl<T: Sized>, such as impl<CONST > 4, T: Sized>)?

Conditional compilation is only based on boolean logic of features and the target environment. Not sure what you're doing but you could use features as binary.

For context, I'm trying to have different definitions of a type depending on the size of virtual memory pages on the target architecture. See: Get page size of target platform

I don't think page size is something that will be constant for a particular architecture. According to the libc manual “[page sizes] can possibly even vary among different processes on the same system”. You'll need to find out at runtime and adjust your code accordingly.

Yeah, that's what somebody said in the other thread. Oh well. Thanks!