Concrete plans to stabilize GATs

Are there currently any concrete plans to stabilize GATs?
I've seen a post about stabilizing min_const_generics (which I'm currently toying with) but similar google searches for GATs (which apparently have been in a more or less functional state in nightly since Dec 2020) are turning up nothing.
To be fair, there's a handful of blocking issues still open on the GitHub page, which tells me it won't be the next 2-3 stable Rust releases at the very least.
Nevertheless I find myself wondering if the language team has had any discussions about a time frame. Does anyone have more info about this?


You might be interested in the wg-trait zulip stream. GATs were discussed there in a meeting just 4 days ago and in a triage yesterday. From what I can tell, they might consider splitting GATs for lifetimes vs all since there are only a couple of issues still open for lifetimes and we can probably expect a blog post soon with their plan for this year along with an update on GATs.