Compiling Rust for AVR

Is there a way to compile Rust for AVR chips? Is this fork the way to go about it?

Rust uses LLVM as a back end to generate the machine code. Unfortunately LLVM doesn't support AVR officially yet. But there is a lot of work being done in this fork: GitHub - avr-llvm/llvm: [MERGED UPSTREAM] AVR backend for the LLVM compiler library and they are in the process of being merged back into the official LLVM trunk.

The repo you linked is using that llvm backend and to my knowledge it is the only way to compile to AVR (if it works).

So for now I would say it's not really possible (or at least difficult), but hopefully it will be possible in the "near" future!

OK, good to know. Thanks! I'll hold off for now but this'll be awesome when it is easier/possible.

Does anybody know any news on this topic? Seems like there's some progress in merging AVR backend into LLVM.

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