Compile-time sequence of integers

I'm attempting to write a nested Container, I encountered some difficulty while trying to get the size of each nested level. My question is how can I return the size of each nested level? Like, if the nesting level is 3, Container<Container<Container<T, 4>, 2>, 6> then the return value would be [6, 2, 4]. In c++, I can use std::index_sequence in template to construct this. What should I do in rust? Here is my attempts, I was trying to use #![feature(specialization)] to imitate, it works at the type level, but once I want to create a concrete value, this won't work anymore.


Container<T, const N: usize> {
    data: [T; N]

trait ContainerSize {
    type SizeType;
    //const SIZE: Self::Type;

impl<T> ContainerSize for T {
    default type SizeType = (usize,);
    //default const SIZE: Self::Type = (0,);

impl<T, const N: usize> ContainerSize for Container<T, N> {
    type SizeType = (usize, <T as ContainerSize>::SizeType);
    // const SIZE: Self::SizeType = (N, <T as ContainerSize>::SIZE);

fn main() {
    use std::any::type_name;
    type Nested = Container<Container<Container<f32, 2>, 3>, 4>;
    println!("size type: {}", type_name::<<Container<Container<Container<f32, 2>, 3>, 4> as ContainerSize>::SizeType>());
    // println!("size: {}", <Container<Container<Container<f32, 2>, 3>, 4> as ContainerSize>::SIZE);

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