Compile of cargo was aborted due to Compile Error

I tried to install cargo-generate so I typed the command below:

cargo install cargo-generate

Then cargo started to download and compile a lot of crates but it was aborted because of compile error.
This is tail of the output..

   Compiling cargo v0.46.1
error[E0283]: type annotations needed
   --> /home/sugi/.cargo/registry/src/
471 |                 seed.deserialize(Tuple2Deserializer(1i32, env.as_ref()))
    |                                                           ----^^^^^^--
    |                                                           |   |
    |                                                           |   cannot infer type for type parameter `T` declared on the trait `AsRef`
    |                                                           this method call resolves to `&T`
    = note: cannot satisfy `std::string::String: AsRef<_>`

error: aborting due to previous error

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain E0283`.
error: failed to compile `cargo-generate v0.5.1`, intermediate artifacts can be found at `/tmp/cargo-installQEj0hM`

Caused by:
  could not compile `cargo`

To learn more, run the command again with --verbose.

It seems to panicked while compiling cargo and I have no idea to fix it.
Can somebody solve this error?

My enviroment is:
OS : Ubuntu 20.04.1 on WSL2 on Windows 10 Home 64bit Insider Preview
rustc: 1.49.0
cargo: 1.49.0

the quote of log is not shown completely in my display because the line is too long so I add my screenshot.

It seems this issue was already reported, in the meantime try installing a locked version cargo install cargo-generate --locked cargo ? (or cargo install cargo-generate --locked serde)


Oh, sorry for overlooking of the issue and late reply.
It has succeeded by your command.
Thank you for your answer.

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