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Hi Folks,

I am not quite sure this topic is allowed, if it is not please accept my apologies.

Anyway lately I needed to crosscompile one of my project to different platform and while the ability of cross compilation of cargo helped a lot it wasn’t quite as smooth as I hoped.

A service that given one rust project as an input, along with the many platform the project need to be compiled and that generated the binaries along with the compilation log seemed quite interesting.

For my simple needs alone this service is overatted, however if the community find it interesting could be worth to build it.

Would, any of you, use it? And be willing to pay for it? For the price I keen to something like 1-5 cent for each minute of compilation

Any thoughts?



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You should look into Appveyor and Travis CI (and other CI providers). You can often do this for free with such services, as long as your project is open source; otherwise you can pay a fee for compilation of private repositories.

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Close but as far as I know Travis does not let you download the artifact it builds. Appveyor is more promising but it focus mostly on windows…

You can have travis upload artifacts to wherever you want. For example, to GH releases: or S3:

Appveyor is indeed windows-specific. However, you can easily set up multiple services (travis, appveyor, & others) for the same codebase.

I may be incorrect but I believe appveyor recently added Windows support. However the site UX is generations behind Travis, IMO.

As for OP, I’m not totally sure of the need for that technology - at least not yet. CI builds seem to do alright for the moment but perhaps the environment will change as rust gains more corporate momentum.

Thank you guys,

CI would definitely be enough for my needs.

And as long as Travis allow to push on github releases will be good enough.

I checked but I wasn’t quite able to come up with a reasonable solution, I will try again!

You should check out