Comparing literal string with Ident in syn

I'm doing proc-macro-workshop, and I'm having trouble implementing this:

// If the new one-at-a-time builder method is given the same name as the field,
// avoid generating an all-at-once builder method for that field because the
// names would conflict.

In order to check it I parsed the attribute on field(#[builder(each = "method_name")]), returning ExprLit if valid attribute exists(builder/src/

pub fn get_each_from_builder_attribute(field: &Field) -> Result<Option<ExprLit>> { ... }

However, I'm not sure how I can compare this ExprLit with &field.ident.

This code below works, but I'm wondering if there is more better way. Does this involve unnecessary parsing and/or type conversion?

if let Ok(Some(ExprLit { attrs, lit })) = get_each_from_builder_attribute(field) {
    if let Lit::str(lit_str) = lit {
        eprintln("eq: {}", field.ident.as_ref().unwrap() == lit_str.value());
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It's not bad, if it compiles. Minimized as Rust Playground , where it should be &lit_str.value() instead.

lit_str.parse::<Ident>().ok() == field.ident is an option, both of which equal. Rust Playground

Edit: Well, proc-macro2::Ident PartialEq impl may also convert to Strings (without span compared), so I'd prefer yours.


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