Community Building and Governance

Rust is awesome and you guys have an amazing community (and infrastructure like documentation and books!). Is there a book for that? or maybe a list or recommended resources and best practices on how to do governance and community building without reinventing the wheel while also burning all the bridges? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I just noticed this post.

No, there's no "history of the Rust community" type book yet, but in case you haven't already seen it, there's actually some concern about how the community can continue to grow while "scaling up" the positive aspects of the community. (My opinion is in line with yours: I think this community is uniquely awesome among the language communities I've seen!)

So, to address these concerns, there's a working group that is designed to work on governance and community issues. It's currently in "mild stealth" getting-started mode, but I think there will be some more official announcements from them soon. Governance Working Group announcement - Rust Internals

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I wouldn't mind seeing one of those!


There is a presentation that was done way back on it. Rust’s Community Automation β€” edunham (I'm not sure it's a good idea to refer to a social system as "automatic", but whatever)