Common newbie mistakes or bad practices

I'm not sure if this belongs here or in some other place, but if novice in question is not a total novice then probably the most common mistake they do is an attempt to write JavaScript in Rust or Python in Rust or some other language in Rust.
Rust is usually presented as “multi-paradigm general-purpose programming language” which somehow convinces people who know some other mainstream language that they should be able to just write code in Java or C# and then, somehow, mechanically translate that into Rust.
Somehow C++ people rarely do that mistake, even if many C++ styles don't easily translate to Rust, too.
Rust maybe “multi-paradigm general-purpose programming language” but it's also incredibly opinionated and tries very hard to stir you toward “great APIs” (good APIs are easy to use, great APIs are hard to abuse).
Very often that make direct translation of other language to Rust either hard to do or impossible to do.
Besides: if you want to write JavaScript then why do you want to do that in Rust? JavaScript is perfectly viable language on it's own.