Combine code reviewes, learning and social event?

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in having some form of a social channel that is all about discussing/reviewing code. Or maybe something like that already exists?

The way I see it is: Rust developers of all levels of experience that are interested, could join the channel, and together run through a code of some crate and talk about what they see. Ask questions, share opinions, discuss alternatives, whatever. The crate could be picked every day or two, or whenever suitable.

What would be needed is IRC/chat app/discordapp/twitch and possibly shared, distributed, in-browser code viewer (so everyone can look at the same code, at the same time. Or any other collaborative tools that would make sense.

For newer developers, it could be a great way to learn, for more experienced people, a way to share experiences and opinions. For everyone, (hopefully) a good fun.

Does it make sense? Would it work?

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