Collect vec of tuples into two vecs

How would you transform a vector of tuples into two vectors of values?

For example:

struct Pair(String,String);

fn main() -> {
    let vector = vec![Pair("cool".to_string(),"nice".to_string()),Pair("cool".to_string(),"nice".to_string())];

    let (x,y) = // Something
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Iterator::unzip to the rescue:

    let (x, y): (Vec<_>, Vec<_>) = vector.into_iter().map(|Pair(a, b)| (a, b)).unzip();

Sadly this gives the error:

expected struct `Pair`, found tuple

It works for me on the playground. Are you trying to run it with vector being a Vec<(String, String)> instead of a Vec<Pair>? In that case you can just remove the .map(...).

Ah yes, that worked, I will mark your answer as the solution. Thanks your your help!

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