Code review request for a revised version of Hello world that I wrote previously

We are always happy to help.

I am Kumagai, who previously requested a code review titled [Rust version starting here.

Rust version hello world starting here.

Thank you for all your advice and reference links.

I have set a goal to try to write a more in-depth code.

If you don't mind, could you please send me your review and PR?

Discussions are also very informative.

Best regards

Thanks very much for your help. @drmason13 :smiley:

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The examples would be better set like this:

name = "friendbear"

Yeah... I shortened the example name, too much typing! :stuck_out_tongue:

instead of making examples part of the workspace

members = ["examples/*"]

documentation about the manifest format (i.e. the Cargo.toml file) is here.

In fact! If the examples do not require any additional dependencies or features and have a file

then you don't need to list examples in the Cargo.toml at all, cargo will see them by default :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your guidance.
I did not fully understand the link, I have modified the code and committed it to the main branch.

Thank you very much.

Very nice!Thanks for rewriting ->

Thanks for the ideas for the next one!