Code Review category

I think a category for code reviews would be super helpful for beginner and intermediate rustaceans.


Can you explain why the current #help category is not enough?
It is very common for people to post (shortened pieces of) their code there, and ask for feedback.

What additional things are you looking for in a "code review" category?

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Yeah you can post your snippet or link to the code hosted on Github, gitlab etc in #help are people here are happy to review your code.

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On StackExchange the equivalent of #help would seem to be StackOverflow while #codereview would be analogous to the CodeReview site. The essential difference on SE is that SO is for getting help with code that is not working while CR is for comments on style and optimization of code that does work in its current state.

Another key difference is that #help topics should focus on the "minimal, complete, and verifiable example" paradigm while #codereview topics should focus on "complete unedited codebase".

I like the idea of a code review forum here primarily because this community has proven welcoming, friendly, and helpful.


Well said, @stevensonmt

The help category, in my mind, should mostly be beginner focused. "How do I do X?"

The code review category is for intermediates. "How do I do X better and faster?"

Having all code reviews in one place is very useful as people can look through to find out improvements they can use in their own code. It's not easy to separate help topics from code review ones.

Code review is super important for people to get better at the language, especially since the biggest thing with Rust is figuring out ways to do things safe and fast.

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Agree. but this usually works well for channel-grouped-places because a single channel gets overloaded with all sorts of questions and it makes sense to carry some "load-balancing".

However over here, the category doesn't matter much. I wonder how many people filter by category.

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