Code quality tools in CI for Rust projects on GitHub — who uses what?

Hi there fellow rustaceans!

I'm currently researching best practices of code analysis and integration of them into CI for the Rust language. I’m particularly interested in solutions developers use on GitHub. If you have some experience with it, could you please tell me:

  • if you use any code checkers (I currently only know about Clippy and rustfmt),
  • how you use them (locally or using some remote solution),
  • and why you chose these options?

I personally tend to run clippy and rustfmt on all my code manually before the commit, but I have never participated much in team projects in Rust, so I wonder what are the best solutions and what are the yet unsolved problems with this part of Rust ecosystems.

For unsafe code there is miri.

An important code quality tool is to compile your project with -Dwarnings in CI to ensure that any warning triggers a compilation error.

Besides miri, there's also loom for multi-threaded unsafe code.

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