Code of conduct

Could we get a code of conduct/forum etiquette page similar to our reddit code of conduct (possibly stealing a few points relevant points such as searching before posting, grammar, etc. from the Arch Linux's "Forum Etiquette" page). For one, I would like to encourage users to post constructive comments rather than blanket "this is bullshit" comments (e.g. C++ has vector(n, value). c has calloc(). rust has, uh,).

4 Likes matters to me a bunch, I
just haven't had the time.

Personally, I'd create a dedicated wiki ( and put it there. I've forked and updated/rearranged that document a little to make it fit the task better (it's still a draft and I'd appreciate comments):

I'm actively trying to kill the current wiki entirely.


It doesn't seem like these code of conducts are often enforced (*cough* RFCs repo *cough*).

I suggest editing the guidelines here to taste

Also there is an education panel that appears on the first two posts that presents a TL;DR version of the above, which can also be edited in Admin, Settings, Customize: