Code generation from WSDL

I am pretty new to rust and I am wondering if there are any good crates that will generate rust code from WSDL and XSD documents? I did a search on and I didn’t see anything that looked applicable.


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Last time I looked there where no implementations of SOAP for Rust. An option is to use a C library and generate a ffi for it so that your able to call it from rust.

Maybe you can use grpc as there seams to be a grpc-rust. But that will only work when your able to define the interface your self.


I don’t have an option to use GRPC. I am trying to interface with third party software that provides a WSDL + soap http interface.

Ok so you need a SOAP client. There is soap-rs but that’s not production ready. Still think your best bet is to use something like gSoap and generate a C implementation for the client.

AreWebYet says no on SOAP :frowning:


Thank you for the pointer to gSoap. I will check it out.