Code base to learn

Hi experienced Rust users!

Could you advice projects written in a right Rust way?
For an instance when I've been learning java than Martin Thompson's projects were the best.

I'd like to read the code base where Rust is used in the most appropriate way :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t looked into it myself, but someone suggested a particular project list in a similar question quite recently:

It’s a long list, so that makes it hard to judge how many (and which) of those would be using Rust in “the most appropriate way”. I assume that for a pure Rust experience you should probably consider skipping on projects where GitHub shows significant portions or non-Rust code… unless you want to see projects using FFI of course.

Also, if you want to see smaller and pure Rust projects, look into libraries, or maybe smaller and command-line based applications… stuff with GUI or stuff for “web” would usually be larger and/or more heavily leaning on particular frameworks / specific dependencies… though of course, again, if you’re interested in that, feel free to look at whatever you like :slight_smile:


There was an older, similar thread too.

Thanks @steffahn and @H2CO3
I will try to drill down to some of those crates :slight_smile:

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