Clippy & extra_unused_type_parameters

If clippy makes a suggestion that - if put into effect - breaks compilation (and very obviously so), is this considered a bug or is it culturally accepted that sometimes clippy has a few too many beers and gets a little radical?

I don't know but I suggest you post the code and the clippy output and maybe even the corrected code together with the error message so people know what exactly you are talking about.


I believe this is considered a bug.

It means either...

  • the code detecting a situation is wrong. For example, it thinks a type parameter is unused, when it's not, or
  • the code generating the suggestion was wrong. For example, if it said to use T::some_method() when it should have actually suggested <T as MyTrait>::some_method() because MyTrait isn't in scope.

Yes, these situations are bugs. They even have their own label in the issue tracker: I-suggestion-causes-error


For example. Or perhaps this.

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