Clippy: "error: multiple input filenames provided"

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to use Clippy for the first time in order to improve my code.

I am using the latest nightly build nightly-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu - rustc 1.26.0-nightly (f5631d9ac 2018-03-24) and clippy 0.189.

I have installed clippy with cargo install clippy and tried to run it with cargo clippy. I always get the error multiple input filenames provided no matter if I specify source files (cargo clippy src/ or the whole project (cargo clippy).

Should I report the bug? Is it my fault?


This looks like rust-lang-nursery/rust-clippy#2566. A fix has been merged but not released yet.

Mentioning people with Clippy publish permissions to ask for a release: @oli_obk @Manishearth @llogiq @birkenfeld. Thanks!

I didn’t see that closed issue! I was searching among the open ones!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m living on cargo install clippy --force --git to convince CI to pass :slight_smile: