Clippy doesn't correctly parse range

error: this range is empty so it will yield no values
   --> src/msgpack/
275 |         val if (32..2 ^ 16).contains(&val) => pack_i16(buf, 0xda, length as i16),
    |                ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    = note: `#[deny(clippy::reversed_empty_ranges)]` on by default
    = help: for further information visit
help: consider using the following if you are attempting to iterate over this range in reverse
275 |         val if (2 ^ 16..32).rev().contains(&val) => pack_i16(buf, 0xda, length as i16),
    |                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Is this a bug or am I really not understanding what's happening here?

A few lines above this, I have the same general pattern:

        val if (16..2 ^ 16).contains(&val) => pack_i16(buf, 0xdc, length as i16),

2^16 performs bitwise xor, not exponent. You probably want 2.pow(16) or 1 << 16


Wow. Cool but not cool. Thanks so much!

For what it's worth this is the behavior in pretty much every programming language.


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