Clippy allow vs. assert

           if let Some(blended_zone) = zone_entry.blended {
                #[allow(clippy::assertions_on_constants)]   // Clippy does not like this, but Clippy is wrong.
                assert!(ENABLE_ELEV_BLENDING);  // had better be on if control takes this path

Here's a cute little case. Clippy complains about the assert when ENABLE_ELEV_BLENDING evaluates to True at compile time. The assert is there to indicate that this code path should never be taken unless that configuration parameter is on. So it's a legit check.

However, Clippy rejects the "allow" because assert! is a macro.

How to express this in Rust?

Maybe related to this issue?

Oh, nice. It's been fixed, but not in stable Rust yet.

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