CLI Working Group: The CLI Survey!

As you may have read, a big focus this year is to make Rust awesome for a whole bunch of domains – WASM, Embedded, Networking Services, and CLIs.

Today, we’ve announced the CLI Domain Working Group and the first task we are undertaking is to understand the current scenario of building CLIs in Rust so that we can improve it by the end of 2018.

For this we have launched a survey on writing CLI apps in Rust. Do share it !

We are looking forward to your responses. Even if you haven’t written a CLI app in Rust, it is fine as there is a seperate section for it.

The survey is open till 23rd March 2018 and the results will be announced in first week of April.

If you are interested in joining the CLI Domain Working Group (also called as the Rust CLIQuE (Rust CLI Quality Enhancement)) you can join us on gitter and track the issues.


I guess I should ask this here instead of github issues: What’s the scope of the CLIQuE? Specifically: Does TUI fall into this scope?

NVM, discussed here:

Yep. Right now we are not focussing on TUIs.