CLDR for obtaining language names and direction

The cldr crate is yanked. I'm looking for data that maps language codes (preferably taking into account only the first portion of the code, like "pt" instead of "pt-br") to their names in given language and also data that maps country code to name in given language. I've asked here previously, but still found no good solution.

  • language_direction(language_code)
  • language_name(language_code, target_language)
    • language_name("en", "pt-br") = "Inglês"
    • language_name("pt", "en-us") = "Portuguese"
  • country_name(country_code, target_language)
    • country_name("us", "pt-br") = "Estados Unidos"
    • country_name("jp", "pt-br") = "Japão"

I think that the target language is significant. For example, zh-CN (Simplified Chinese) and zh-TW (Traditional Chinese) are different.

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What I was looking for is the Intl.DisplayNames from EcmaScript: Intl.DisplayNames() constructor - JavaScript | MDN

It's available at the icu crate at the displaynames module! DisplayNames in icu::displaynames - Rust

Err, I meant, just regions are supported by icu right now, I suppose?

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