Clap compile error

Hi, I have been working on a program using clap and I found the compilation refuse to work any more. After series of debugging I decided to create a new helloworld binary and add this to cargo.toml:

clap = { version = "3.1.5", features = ["derive"] }

And cargo keeps saying :

error: unknown start of token: \u{0}
 --> /home/rust/.cargo/registry/src/
1 | ...ine]
  | ^
  = help: source files must contain UTF-8 encoded text, unexpected null bytes might occur when a different encoding is used

changing the dependencies to the following do the same.


I have never met this before, so I wonder if the environment goes wrong? Or I add the dependencies wrongly?
Thank you for any thoughts!

Delete that folder (/home/rust/.cargo/registry/src/ And then run it again. It may fix the problem.

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Oh it did solve the problem, many thanks!

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